Product Summary

Weather Data Quality International Weather Data:

Speedwell Weather supplies historical and real time weather data feeds for tens of thousands of sites across the globe. We have been working in this sector since 1999. Unlike many suppliers who distribute only free, publicly available data, we also have direct data supply agreements with a large range of national meteorological services. This means we are able to offer official Climate Data for many thousands of sites worldwide. We are a single-point of contact for the provision of high quality weather data to the energy, agriculture, commodity, insurance and weather risk markets.

Our origins as a weather data provider lie in the weather risk markets where we are the dominant provider of weather data for OTC weather-risk contract settlement purposes. So we understand the importance of data quality. We quality control data from thousands of sites to correct errors and, where necessary and possible, to fill missing values.

Over the years we have come across a lot of bad data! ...as a matter of policy, for reasons of quality, we do not deliver data derived from GSOD archives unless specifically requested. If you see a difference between the data we provide and data sourced from other sources we will not be surprised. There is a lot of bad data out there!!!! Please contact us for a detailed explanation of the pitfalls of some commonly used public archives of weather data. These can be different not just in detail but FUNDAMENTALLY.

SuperPack®Speedwell SuperPack makes available an unprecedented range of quality historical weather data and weather data feeds for a single annual fee. The SuperPack licence applies corporate-wide across multiple office locations


One contract, one fee, covers all data. SuperPack users have immediate access to a catalogue of over 10,000 data sets - and growing. These data sets are shown on this map tool here. Use this tool to see percentage completeness statistics, to access data tools such as Actuals-Vs-Climatology and the Weather Statistics Extractor; and to download the data directly from the web site. Subscribers can request an unlimited number of historical data sets and real-time feeds by FTP. 

The list of weather sites available for immediate access grows continuously: In addition, SuperPack subscribers can also request any data from our secondary archives of many tens of thousands of weather sites around the world. SuperPack subscribers also have access to over 5,000 -and growing- cleaned data sets including official international climate data.

SuperPack offers a dramatic simplification of the contractual and legal admin involved in data provision. Click here for more details.

SuperPack-Light. SuperPack-Light is for sophisticated weather data users, including those following the agri-markets, who require large volumes of high quality world wide data but who do not need the full-service provided under the full SuperPack subscription. SuperPack-Light is a corporate-wide subscription delivering to up to a maximum of 1,500 user-chosen daily data sets by FTP which can be selected from over 10,000 data sets...all at zero marginal cost. SuperPack-Light subscribers also receive access to additional data download from the website and use of web-delivered tools  such as Actuals-Vs-Climatology and the Weather Statistics Extractor

Click here for more information

Cleaned Data Sets: Weather data is often incomplete and may contain erroneous values. Our Cleaned Data Sets correct erroneous values and fill missing data. We carry in excess of 4,000 cleaned historical data sets of temperature and rainfall and some other variables and we clean over 4,000 sites per day. We also provide cleaned hourly data sets and feeds.

Quality, provenance and auditability: We believe data cleaning is a very serious business. Our origins as a weather data provider lie in the weather risk markets where we have acted as settlement agent in hundreds of over-the-counter weather risk transactions. This represents the sternest test of data quality and provenance.

- Our cleaning techniques build on a very substantial software, hardware and human resource infrastructure which builds on a database storing daily and hourly data for over 80,000 worldwide weather reference sites. Our tools alert us to improbable values by the use of methods including proxy testing, analysis of hourly reports and satellite imagery. However, we believe weather data cleaning can never, and should never, be fully automated. Our data cleaning processes are always manually overseen by meteorologists.

- We also understand the importance of data provenance. At Speedwell we store our data in a strict hierarchy that provides transparency on issues such as source, reporting convention and quality. While clients can request to receive our data as a "best-of" feed, we can also provide data showing these component data types:

Click here for more information.

Hourly Frequency Reports

We are able to provide hourly frequency reports for any hourly weather variable and for any period. The most frequently requested product is the hourly frequency report covering a specific year and shown by month. This shows how many hours in temperature interval were recorded in each month of that year. Click here for an annotated example. Hourly Frequency Reports can be provided for any variable for any site for which we carry hourly data. We carry historic hourly data for many thousands of sites in Europe, Australia, Asia and the Americas.

Hourly Average Temperature Data Sets ("Climatologies")

Many clients approach us to buy hourly data which they use to calculate an average value for each hour for each day of the year. This is something we can provide saving the costs of buying and handling large hourly data sets. The output is a file with 24 *366 data points and can be delivered by FTP or by email. This can be provided for any variable for any site for which we carry hourly data. The average can be calculated with or without kernel smoothing. The average can be based on any period with 10 years being the most requested. We carry historic hourly data for many thousands of sites in Europe, Australia, Asia and the Americas. Click here for more information

Wind storms: historic data and real-time feeds. We provide historic data for European wind storms reports and can provide hourly data updates by FTP to support verification of insurance claims or for the valuation of CAT-bonds throughout the year. Weather variables we can supply are hourly maximum gust, hourly average wind speed, hourly wind direction and hourly surface pressure. Data is based on both Metar and Synoptic reports. We offer a high density of sites. Please see here for more information.

Standard Historical Weather Data Packs. We have well over 500 different packs of weather data. These include packs defined by country, by sector (eg China cotton growing areas) or by weather variable (eg hourly Germany data pack for power market analysts). See here to view our packs and individual site inventory statistics.

These are just some of our data packs:

Weather Data Packs by Region   Click here for a map viewer or our data packs, including inventory statistics.

The Americas

USA: we carry many thousands of sites. Please contact us for other data sets.

USA Primary: 260 sites of cleaned temperature and rainfall history and feeds for "First Order" stations. Click here.

USA Secondary: 250 sites cleaned temperature feeds for "Second Order" stations

USA Tertiary: >350 sites with cleaned temperature feeds.

USA CWG: 230 sites that form the basis of the Weighted Degree Day forecast produced jointly with Commodity Weather Group.

USA Alaska: 21 sites cleaned monthly in arrears

USA Hawaii: 4 sites cleaned monthly in arrears

USA Hourly: >230 site pack providing hourly temperature, rainfall and other variables. [A starter only..we can provide hourly data for 1000s of US sites]

USA Hourly Rainfall History and Feeds: 200+ site pack providing ultra-long hourly rainfall history and feeds. We can provide 1000s more.

USA Iowa Wind Hourly Extended: data sets starting in 1948

USA Texas Hourly Extended: 20 sites of hourly data inc wind speed. Many sites extended to 1950.

USA Texas Temperature Hourly: 9 sites of cleaned hourly temperature. Many sites extended to 1950.

USA Rainfall Cleaned: Over 330 US sites with cleaned rainfall data

USA Snowfall Cleaned: >120 sites of cleaned snowfall data.

USA Snowfall Sites in Colorado: 52 sites

USA Snowfall Sites in Connecticut: 2 sites

USA Snowfall Sites in Delaware: 3 sites

USA Snowfall Sites in Illinois: 71 sites

USA Snowfall Sites in Iowa: 98 sites

USA Snowfall Sites in Kansas: 150 sites

USA Snowfall Sites in Maine: 15 sites

USA Snowfall Sites in Maryland: 2 sites of cleaned snowfall data.

USA Snowfall Sites in Massachusetts: 24 sites

USA Snowfall Sites in Michigan: 50 sites

USA Snowfall Sites in Minnesota: 61 sites

USA Snowfall Sites in Montana: 53 sites

USA Snowfall Sites in Nebraska: 100 sites

USA Snowfall Sites in New Hampshire: 10 sites

USA Snowfall Sites in New Jersey: 16 sites

USA Snowfall Sites in New York State: 52 sites

USA Snowfall Sites in North Dakota: 48 sites

USA Snowfall Sites in Oregon: 75 sites

USA Snowfall Sites in Pennsylvania: 15 sites

USA Snowfall Sites in Rhode Island: 1 site

USA Snowfall Sites in South Dakota: 60 sites

USA Snowfall Sites in Utah: 37 sites

USA Snowfall Sites in Vermont: 13 sites

USA Snowfall Sites in Virginia: 43 sites

USA Snowfall Sites in West Virginia: 30 sites

USA Cotton Growing Area: 22 Site Pack

USA Soybean Growing Area: 21 Site Pack

USA Power Regions: Cleaned daily temperature and rainfall and hourly data for sites in USA Power regions:  

AZNM (7), CAMX (14), ECAR (29), ERCOT (15) , FRCC (9), MAAC (14), MAIN (13), MAPP (22), NEWE (12),  NWPP (37) SERC (36), SPP (12)

USA CME temperature contracts: data sets for CDD and HDD weather derivative contracts for 24 sites quoted on the CME 

USA CME rainfall contracts: data sets for the 9 cumulative rainfall weather derivative contracts quoted on the CME

USA CME snowfall contracts: data sets for the 6 cumulative snowfall weather derivative contracts quoted on the CME

Puerto Rico Primary (4)

Canada : we carry many thousands of sites. Please contact us for other additional data sets.

Canada Primary: 300 Site Pack

Canada Hourly: 6 site Pack (please contact us for others, we carry 1000's of hourly data sets for Canada)

Canada Precip Sites (14)

Canada Alberta Primary (16)

Canada British Columbia Primary (20)

Canada Manitoba Primary (7)

Canada New Brunswick Primary (11)

Canada Newfoundland Primary (18)

Canada Nova Scotia Primary (11)

Canada Ontario Primary (12)

Canada Prince Edward Island Primary  (4)

Canada Quebec Primary (14)

Canada Saskatchewan Primary (12)

Canada CME temperature contracts (6): data sets for the 6 HDD and CAT weather derivative contracts quoted on the CME

South/Central America: Rainfall and temperature history and feeds. Hourly data on request.

Argentina (55), Argentina Corn (6), Argentina Soybean (9)

Brazil Primary (28); Brazil Secondary, (47), Brazil Cleaned Feed

Brazil Cocoa (3), Brazil Coffee (9), Brazil Corn (10), Brazil Cotton (7), Brazil Oranges (5), 

Brazil Rice (9), Brazil Soybean (15), Brazil Sugar (4), Brazil Winter Wheat (9)

Belize Primary (1)

Chile Primary (27),  Chile Rainfall Sites (22), Chile Hourly (5)

Colombia Primary (2); Colombia Coffee (1)

Peru Primary (14)

Uruguay Primary (15)


Austria Primary(21)

Belarus Primary (2), Secondary (9)

Belgium Primary (4), Secondary (16), Snow depth (2)

Bosnia Herzegovina Primary (2)

Bulgaria (30), Sunshine Hours (5)

Croatia Primary (11), Secondary (35)

Cyprus Primary (16)

Czech Republic Primary (8), Czech Republic Secondary (9)

Denmark Primary (5),

Estonia Primary (5),

Finland Primary (5), Secondary (26)

France Primary (38), France Secondary (31), France Hourly RTE Sites (31)

Germany Primary (80), Secondary (>100), Hourly (70), Germany daily Solar Radiation (57), German hourly Solar Radiation Feeds (108)

Greece Primary (7), Secondary (14)

Hungary Primary (7), Snow Depth (3)

Ireland Primary (10),

Israel Primary (5)

Italy Primary (41), Italy Secondary (53)

Latvia Primary (2)

Lithuania Primary (7)

Luxembourg (1) 

Macedonia Primary (2)

Netherlands Primary (38), Hourly (34), Netherlands hourly Solar Radiation Feeds (32)

Norway Primary (52), Norway Secondary (17), Norway Hourly (3)

Poland Primary (24), Hourly (8)

Portugal Primary (11), Hourly (3)

Romania (23), Hourly (7), Romania Wheat (8) 

Russia Primary (62), Russia Secondary (>450), Russia Sugar Beet Growing Area  (19)

Serbia (34)

Slovakia (23)

Slovenia Primary (13)

Spain Primary (77), Spain Hourly (12), Spain Hourly Solar Radiation Feeds (25 sites)

Sweden Primary (16), Hourly (3)

Switzerland Primary (18), Switzerland Secondary (25), Swiss Hourly (9), Switzerland Solar Radiation (70)

Turkey Primary (41), Turkey Coastal Wind Sites (11) , Hourly (3)

UK Primary (29), UK Secondary (126 sites many cleaned),  UK Hourly (159), UK hourly Solar Radiation (88), Snow-depth (10),

UK Exelon GSP group sites (relating to UK Power Market), CWV group sites

Ukraine  (37), Hourly (5), Ukraine Sugar Beet (14), Ukraine Barley (10)

European CME: data sets for the 11 HDD and CAT weather derivative contracts quoted on the CME

Europe Hourly Solar Radiation: 299 sites in Europe with real-time hourly global solar radiation feeds from ground observations


Australia: we carry many thousands of sites covering daily, hourly and sub-hourly variables. Please contact us for other data sets.

Australia Primary: 90 sites with cleaned temperature history and feeds. Click here.

Australia Hourly: Hourly temperature and rainfall data for > 150 sites (please contact us for more..we carry 1000s of sites)

Australia Rainfall: 36 cleaned sites

Australia Secondary >450 sites

Australia CME: data sets for the 3 weather derivative sites quoted on the CME



Bangladesh (27)

China (>150 sites many cleaned), China Tertiary (>40), China Major Cities (20), China Long Rainfall History (>170)China Cotton Growing Area (25), China Sugar (2), China Wheat Growing Area (15)

Hong Kong Primary (19)

India Primary (82), India Cotton Growing Area: Cleaned data sets for 5 sites

Iran Primary (5)

Japan Primary Temperature (>700), Japan Hourly (5)

Japan CME temperature: data sets for the 3 temperature based weather derivative contracts quoted on the CME

Kazakhstan  (63),   Kazakhstan Wheat  (19)

Korea Primary (43), Korean Solar Radiation Sites (22)

Malaysia Primary 14 sites of official historical climate data

Pakistan Cotton Growing Area  (5), Pakistan Rice Growing Area  (5)

Philippines (45) 

Russia: please see Europe section

Thailand Primary (18), Secondary (>100), Thailand Sugar Growing Area (2)

Turkmenistan  (20)

Uzbekistan   (17)

Vietnam Primary (22)


Algeria (60)

Benin (6)

Burkina Faso (9)

Egypt Primary (7)
Ethiopia Primary (14),  Ethiopia Coffee Growing Area (3)

Ivory Coast, Cote d'Ivoire (10)

South Africa Primary (30), South Africa Secondary (70), South Africa Corn Growing Area  (16), South Africa Sugarcane (4), South Africa Wheat (6)

Togo (3 sites)

Middle East

Saudi Arabia Primary Pack (8)

  Weather Data Packs for CME Weather Derivative Futures

Australia CME: data sets for the 3 weather derivative sites quoted on the CME  

USA CME temperature: data sets for the 24 CDD and HDD weather derivative contracts quoted on the CME 

USA CME rainfall: data sets for the 9 cumulative rainfall weather derivative contracts quoted on the CME 

USA CME snowfall: data sets for the 6 cumulative snowfall weather derivative contracts quoted on the CME

Japan CME temperature: data sets for the 3 temperature based weather derivative contracts quoted on the CME

European CME: data sets for the 9 HDD and CAT weather derivative contracts quoted on the CME

Weather Data Packs for Agriculture

Argentina Corn (6), Argentina Soybean (9)

Australia Barley (41), Australia Canola (11), Australia Cotton (7), Australia Oats (46), Australia Potatoes (13), Australia Sorghum (14), Australia Sugarcane (9),Australia Wheat (40)

Austria Corn (11), Austria Wheat (5)

Bangladesh Rice (10)

Brazil Cocoa (3), Brazil Coffee (9), Brazil Corn (10), Brazil Cotton (7), Brazil Oranges (5), Brazil Rice (9), Brazil Soybean (15), Brazil Sugar (4), Brazil Winter Wheat (10)

Bulgaria Wheat (9)

Chile Grapes

China Corn (19), China Cotton (23), China Rapeseed (9), China Rice (31), China Soybean (11), China Sugar (10), China Tobacco (11), China Sugar beet (15), China Wheat (26)

Colombia Coffee (1) 

France Barley(19), France Rapeseed (12), France Sugar Beet(14), France Wheat (14)

Germany Barley (10), Germany Sugar Beet (15)

India Coffee (8), India Cotton (10), India Rice (27), India Soybean (7), India Sugar (13), India Winter Wheat (13)

Indonesia Coffee (4), Indonesia Rice (12)

Coming Soon: Iran Barley(14), Iran Wheat(14), Iran Rice(14) 

Italy Corn (8)

Coming Soon: Ivory Coast, Cote d'Ivoire -Cocoa (7)

Kazakhstan Wheat (17)

Pakistan Cotton (5), Pakistan Rice  (7), Pakistan Sugar (9)

Paraguay Soybean (5)

Poland Corn (7), Poland Oats (5), Poland Potatoes (7), Poland Rapeseed (9), Poland Sugarbeet (10), Poland Wheat (19)

Romania Wheat (8) 

Russia Barley (10), Russia Sugar Beet  (13), Russian Wheat (25)

Serbia Corn (18), Serbia Soybean (8), Serbia Sugarbeet (8), Serbia Sunflower (8), Serbia Wheat (18)

South Africa Corn (16), South Africa Sugarcane (4), South Africa Wheat (6)

Coming Soon: Spain Barley  (10), Spain Corn (6), Spain Wheat (17)

Thailand Sugar (9)

Togo (3 sites relevant for Cocoa)

Turkey Sugar beet (6)

Coming Soon: UK Barley, UK Oats, UK Oilseed Rape, UK Potatoes, UK Sugarbeet, UK Wheat  

Ukraine Sugarbeet (14), Ukraine Barley (10)

Coming Soon: Uruguay Soybean (5)

US Citrus (general) (10), US Citrus (California) (4), US Citrus (Florida) (6), US Corn (23), US Cotton (22), US Durum Wheat (9), US Sorghum (12), US Soybean (21), US Spring Wheat (general) (15), US Spring Wheat (Hard Red) (13), US Sugar Beet (13), US Sugarcane (4), US Tobacco (15), US Winter Wheat (general) (27), US Winter Wheat (Hard Red) (18), US Winter Wheat (Midwest Soft Red) (7), US Winter Wheat (Pacific NW Hard White) (3), US Winter Wheat (Pacific NW Soft White)  (6)

Vietnam Coffee (9), Vietnam Rice (7) 

Weather Data Packs for Energy

Please also see hourly country data packs above or where not separately listed the main country pack.

In most countries where we show limited hourly data, we can provide more on request. Please contact us

 USA: Cleaned daily temperature and rainfall and hourly data for sites in USA Power regions: AZNM (7), CAMX (14), ECAR (29), ERCOT (15) , FRCC (9), MAAC (14), MAIN (13), MAPP (22), NEWE (12),  NWPP (37) SERC (36), SPP (12)

UK:  Exelon GSP group sites (relating to UK Power Market)

UK:  CWV group sites (sites used in the UK Gas market Composite Weather Variable calculation)

  Weather Data Packs for Renewable Energy

USA Iowa Wind Hourly -3 extended data set from 1948

USA Texas Hourly EXTENDED history -20 sites of extended history with many sites providing hourly temperature, wind and rain from 1950

USA Texas Hourly Temperature Cleaned -10 sites of cleaned hourly temperature data

Alpine Hydro Sites: 37 sites key Alpine sites with cleaned temperature and rainfall.

Bulgaria Sunshine Hours: 5 Bulgarian sites with daily sunshine-hour data

Europe Hourly Solar Radiation Feeds: 299 sites in Europe with real-time hourly global solar radiation feeds from ground observations

Germany Hourly Solar Radiation Feeds 108 sites in Germany with real-time hourly global solar radiation feeds from ground observations

Germany Daily Solar Radiation (57)

Korea Solar Radiation (22)

Netherlands Hourly Solar Radiation Feeds 32 sites in the Netherlands with real-time hourly global solar radiation feeds from ground observations

Scandinavia Hydro Sites 20 Sites in Norway and Sweden with forecasts and cleaned data feeds for hydro/snow pack modelling.

Spain Hourly Solar Radiation Feeds 25 Spanish sites providing real-time hourly global solar radiation feeds from ground observations

Swiss Hourly Solar Radiation Feeds 70 sites in Switzerland with real-time hourly global solar radiation feeds from ground observations

UK hourly Solar Radiation Feeds 88 sites in the UK with real-time hourly global solar radiation feeds from ground observations

Hourly Weather Data

Hourly Weather Data Packs and individual sites: we carry hourly weather data for thousands of sites around the world and can provide real-time feeds. Hourly data can be cleaned on request.

Hourly Temperature Frequency Reports: we can provide reports for any site summarising the number of hours in each temperature bucket by month / year. Click here for an example. Please also contact us for Daily Station Reports, Monthly Summary Data and Rainfall Return Periods data. Click here.

Individual Historical Data Sets and Feeds:

Historical Data: We pride ourselves on being able to satisfy the most testing requests for weather data from our archives of 80,000+ data sets. Data can be delivered by email, FTP or through our web-download tool.

Weather Data Feeds: we can provide data feeds of sub hourly, hourly and daily data for any weather variable.

Recalibrated Data

Recalibrated Data Sets: Our Recalibrated data sets adjust historical temperature series to current conditions. Most sites, especially US airport, display numerous discontinuities. Corrections for discontinuities can make a profound impact on the understanding of the behaviour of a site.

Click here for more information

Recalibrated data sets are available for a range of sites in the USA, Europe, Australia and Japan. Any site can be Recalibrated on request. Please contact us.

Real-Time Monitor: a web delivered tool for spotting discontinuities as they happen in the reporting of temperature due to site moves, instrument changes etc. The relationship of a reference site to a synthetic site derived from a basket of surrounding sites is monitored in real-time with information presented in a configurable graphical format. This service is included as part of the subscription to Recalibrated Data Sets.

CAT Risk

European Windstorm data sets: we can provide an archive of max gusts, average wind speed and wind direction with an exceptionally high geographic granularity and including sub-hourly reports of European windstorms since 1970.


Click here for summary information about our forecast products.

DashboardThe Speedwell Forecast Dashboard is a fast and convenient way to view all of your forecast products. The Dashboard displays Speedwell downscaled forecasts for temperature & precipitation from four forecast models: ECMWF Ensemble, ECMWF Operational, GFS Ensemble and GFS Operational. Please click here for more information. Click here to see the product with example sites

15-Day and Downscaled Site-Specific Forecasts: Covering sites in the USA, Canada, Europe, Australia, China, Japan and South America. These probabilistic probabilistic multi-member ensemble forecasts based on the ECMWF and GFS models. They are available as a data feed by FTP or graphically via our web site. Click here to see our forecast viewer showing example forecast sites.

Monthly (32-day) Downscaled ECMWF Site-Specific Ensemble Forecast: Covering sites in the USA, Canada, Europe, Australia, China and Japan.. These 51-member forecasts are available as a data feed by FTP and graphically via our web site. Based on the ECMWF model which uses a coupled ocean-atmospheric mode after day 10 . The monthly forecast is issued twice per week..on Mondays and Thursdays.

Population-Weighted Basket Forecasts -FlexIndexUsed to model regional energy demand, for each Flex we supply fully downscaled probabilistic forecasts based on both the ECMWF and GFS models as well as a history of the weighted basket and cleaned daily feeds. Available for a range of countries and configurable to user requirements. Click here to see all our weighted baskets on our map tool. For a trial or further details please contact us here.

FastCastTM: The FastCast forecast viewer shows the latest output from four forecast models with the particular aim of showing the change in the forecast as fast as possible. The models are ECMWF Ensemble; the ECMWF Operational; the GFS Ensemble and the GFS Operational. These are processed rapidly as each time step of the model is received. FastCast forecasts give the trading markets a very quick appraisal of any change in the forecast from the previous run. Click here for more information on FastCast. Click here to see the FastCast viewer with example sites.

European Power Report: the Power Report provides a graphical representation of weather conditions in the coming week summarising temperature, rainfall and wind. Click here for more information. Click here to see archived example reports.

US Gas-Weighted Degree Day report. Provides the best possible information to anticipate the EIA natural gas storage and withdrawal reports. Click here for information about the product. Click here to see the WDD Data Viewer.

The Market Report.  A summary showing the impact of the change in the ECMWF forecast over the last 24 hours on the fair-value price of CME weather futures. Click here

Weather Derivative Pricing and Portfolio Management

Speedwell Weather System SWS:  SWS is the pre-eminent enterprise weather derivative pricing and risk management system comprising front office pricing tools, middle office risk management tools and back office.

We are delighted to have released version 8.0 of SWS. The culmination of over two years’ of development as the millions of lines of code in SWS were converted to C# and the .NET framework. Vs 8 lays the foundations needed for continued evolution over the coming years.

SWS consists of many millions of lines of code representing over a decade of continuous development to produce a tool that provides a consistent and reliable framework for valuing weather hedges, for managing a portfolio of weather risk and for the process flow of seeing those transactions through to settlement. We have a philosophy of transparency (no black boxes, full documentation of methods), openness (all SWS outputs are easily exportable, all components re-usable in 3rd party systems, subject to licence) and we understand the importance of auditability and resilience.

SWS is a client-server application comprising:

-A full database for warehousing historical weather data, weather data feeds, forecasts and portfolio information

-The SWS server application

-Multiple user desktop applications.  A full permissioning architecture provides selective access rights to different users.

SWS can be installed internally or can be hosted by us with each client having a dedicated database.

SWS supports pricing based on numerical integration techniques as well as actuarial burn. Daily rainfall and temperature simulation engines are also available. SWS supports the highly complex and trades that are a feature of the OTC weather risk market with a highly flexible tool that allows the user to generate compound indexes. Compound indexes can comprise any number of weather variables, with any weights and with an unlimited level of complexity (including even compounds on compounds on compounds..)

SWS users can declare an unlimited number of pricing models combining different detrending methods, weather data hierarchies, distributions, leap year adjustments etc. All calculations available within SWS are available as a library for use in other applications. SWS handles an unlimited number of weather risk portfolios. Credit risk, expiry VaR and daily VaR calculations are supported. Delivery and running of reports can be automatically scheduled.

SWS is an open system:

All data grids can be exported to a spreadsheet.

All SWS components can be used in external applications.

Weather data is easy to import and export.

SWS continues to evolve: in over a decade of development we have made available 6 major releases and numerous minor releases to our clients. We are currently completing a major re-write of all code as we move to the MS .NET framework.

Build Vs Buy Considerations

We believe SWS is a compelling alternative to the apparent attractions of developing a system in-house. If you are considering internal development and your weather system has not/will not accommodate these considerations, then SWS may be an expedient alternative:

  • Does your weather system handle hourly data?.. strips? ..compounds?.. multi period deals?..multi triggers? ..baskets?
  • When pricing a transaction can you exclude days of the week and specific dates?...
  • Does it support ultra exotic deals through a "back door" with those deals still being fully incorporated in portfolio calculations?..
  • Can you create a structure that handles non-consecutive hourly periods in a day?..
  • Do you handle leap year adjustments robustly? (we offer six different methodologies)...
  • Can your middle office users stress test a portfolio by overriding the front office valuation models with one of their own choice?...
  • Can you price a weather hedge using INDIVIDUAL members of an ensemble forecast to capture the implicit convexity?...
  • Does your weather database respect the different data qualities that are used and which may be dramatically different even at the same weather station?..
  • Would your audit trail breakdown if a weather data point already used in settling a transaction is later revised by a national met service and subsequently updated after settlement of a weather hedge?..
  • Can you detrend the underlying weather data AND the final index?...
  • Does your detrending method respect the differing trends in different times of year? ...
  • Does your system automate the raising of trade confirmations and invoices?
  • Do you have a permissioning structure that prevents, for example, accidental deletion of booked trades by front office users or un-authorised changes to front office models by back office users?...
  • Do you handle credit risk reports..?
  • Can you easily export weather data and historical forecasts for use in external applications ?
  • Can you run a weather hedge valuation or a retrospective portfolio valuation using only the information that was available at that time?
  • Can you retrieve a snapshot of the weather data that was used to settle a transaction before and QC revisions to that data?
  • Does your weather database respect the various different types of weather data on which a transaction can be priced? SWS supports more than a dozen data types and allows the user to price with different data hierarchies.
  • Can your database support non weather variables including energy or commodity prices ?
  • Does your weather database scale to 1000s of weather sites and handle daily, hourly and sub hourly ..down to individual minutes ?
  • Does your weather pricing system support weatherML for the purpose of sending and receiving RFQs?  
  • Does your system support daily VaR calculations at the portfolio level?

Click here for a presentation about SWS. t SWS">Click here for a presentation about SWS.

Click here for information on SWS Back-office process flow.

Click here for SWS FAQs

Click here for SWS Technical Requirements

Click here to see what is in development

SWSConnect. SWSConnect is a web-delivered weather derivative pricing tool based on the same underlying components as SWS. Ideal for pricing CME weather derivative contracts. Click here.

Web delivered tools:

Through the Speedwell web site, a number of tools are available that build on our underlying data sets. These include

Actuals –Vs-Climatology Calculator: shows the average or accumulated values of a chosen weather variable compared with N-year climate normals. The data is presented in an exportable grid and in graphical format. Click here

Analogue Years calculator: Compare the evolution of a weather index over previous years with the evolution of the current year. Use the eventual outcomes of previous years as an indication of what may happen this time. Click here

Climatology Calculator:  calculate kernel-smoothed 10-year average daily values of temperature and rainfall for a selected range of sites. Click here

Conditional Probability Calculator: allows the historical relationship between a weather variable at Site A for a given period to be compared with Site B for the same, or different period. E.g. do January temperatures in New York tell us anything about February temperatures in De Bilt?  Click here

Correlation Analysis: calculate the daily or monthly correlation co-efficient and R-square value for two series. The tool also allows the auto-correlation of a given series to be calculated showing the dependency up to 10 points out. Click here

Daily Degree Days Table: shows the recent daily values of HDD, CDD or Average Temperature. Click here

Date Viewer: view historical data graphically. Click here

Index Calculator: calculate the historical values of a weather index for a chosen period with or without detrending. Click here

Monthly / Weekly Index Calculator: calculate monthly, weekly or bi-weekly index values of any chosen weather variable. Click here

Weather Analytics: shows user-specified weekly index values and compares them with the previous year's values. Click here

Weather Index Cone: presents the evolution of a weather index over the chosen index period and puts the current and previous years into historical context. Click here


Click here for summary information about our Services.  

Weather Station Installation: With substantial weather-risk transactions, the installation of a weather station can improve real-time data quality, ensure data security for settlement and therefore help bring down the cost of a weather hedging program. We have extensive experience of weather station installation and of acting as settlement agent for weather transactions using such stations. Click here for more information.

Independent Weather Derivative Valuation Service. Speedwell have been involved in the weather market since 1999. We have the skills, experience, tools and the weather data necessary to provide an independent objective assessment of the fair value of a weather derivative structure or portfolio of structures. Please contact us.

Forensic Weather Services. We are able to advise on insurance claims related to weather. Please click here for more information

Weather Derivative Risk Placement Services. Please contact us for more information and to request a presentation on the issues involved in optimally placing weather risk. These services are provided by Speedwell Weather Derivatives Limited, which is authorised and regulated by the UK. Financial Services Authority.

Weather risk analysis: contact us to help you understand your weather risk. We have undertaken a range of projects to help companies understand weather correlations across a range of renewable power generation assets.

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