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Weather Station Installation

When structuring a weather risk management program weather observations in the area of concern are often found to be unreliable.


-Existing stations not seen as "safe"
-Existing weather stations reporting sporadically or late.
-Nearest available weather stations may be some distance away leading to an unacceptable amount of "basis risk".


-Installation of a weather station specifically designed to meet the specific needs of the project at the exact location required.
-Historical analysis conducted using modelled data.
-Installed weather stations can be used for primary settlement, as back-up station(s), or as part of a quality control program used for the creation of certified settlement data.

Speedwell Weather

Speedwell is the official provider of settlement data for the CME Australian Weather Contracts. In addition to exchange-based contracts we have acted as settlement agent for hundreds of over-the-counter weather risk transactions.
With over twelve years of experience in the weather risk market, Speedwell is in a unique position to offer the best possible solutions for our clients based on a thorough understanding of the demands of the weather risk market - in particular relating to data integrity and reliability.

We have extensive understanding of what counterparties need to be comfortable with in a weather risk transaction. Independent third party confirmation of observations, readily accessible observations for tracking a deal and the transparency of methodology are all key components for a successful project.

Coupled with our risk placement capabilities - provided by Speedwell Weather Derivatives Limited which is authorised and regulated by the UK. Financial Services Authority - we are able to provide a full service for our clients: provision of weather data; advice on pricing / structuring; risk-auction and settlement.

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Speedwell Weather Instruments Installation in Chile
Weather Station Installation / Settlement Data (overview)
  • Clarify project goals
  • Equipment selection
  • Equipment procurement
  • Land rights acquisition
  • Additional materials procurement
  • Obtain local labour / site preparation / station / installation
  • Data processing
  • Site maintenance
  • Settlement data
  • Site decommissioning
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