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Weighted Indexes
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Speedwell Weather provides probabilistic forecasts and historic time series based on weighted baskets of weather reference sites. We call these FlexIndexes.

Population-Weighted Indexes

We offer over 150 standard population-weighted FlexIndexes which are used as a predictor for domestic energy demand. These are used by traders and modellers who want a single probabilistic basket forecast to assist in their regional power and gas trading or power demand modelling.

Agriculture Regional Indexes

We offer over 260 baskets for specific worldwide crop growing areas e.g. coffee, cocoa, wheat, sugar, rice, tobacco, corn, soybean, cotton and many more with the list growing. We also provide FlexIndexes for hydro catchment areas .

What is Provided?

The following are available as data feeds:

  • Cleaned historical data of the weighted basket
  • Ongoing cleaned data feeds of the basket
  • Probabilistic 15-day Forecasts (all members) based on the ECMWF and GFS models
  • Smoothed climatologies
  • Forecast Verification

The data and the forecasts can also be viewed on our website in graphical and in tabular form.

FlexIndex on-request?

We can create "private" FlexIndexes on request using your personal choice of sites and weights. These are then only available to you.

Documents and Brochures
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Population Weighted Indexes: FlexIndex PDF Document
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