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Live Weather Station Monitor
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The Live Weather Station Monitor is used to identify discontinuities in temperature measurements arising from instrument changes or errors or changes to the immediate environment. It features a configurable graphing tool which shows how a weather reference site is behaving compared with a synthetic proxy derived from a weighted basket of surrounding sites. The difference can be viewed on a daily basis or a moving average basis and easily related to normal behaviour.

The Live Weather Station Monitor is used by traders of CME-listed weather contracts. It can provide the most rapid indication of a change in site behaviour of a weather station. The Monitor complements the monthly summary which is provided as part of the Speedwell Weather Recalibrated Dataset subscription*. However, the Monitor can also be used to understand the behaviour of any site where even slight changes in behaviour are important: this may be a site used to model power demand or one on which an over-the-counter weather derivative deal has been based. Please contact us for more information on this tool.

*Recalibrated data sets are adjusted for historic discontinuities so that the history corresponds to current measurement conditions.

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Live Weather Station Monitor
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