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Speedwell Weather produce downscaled deterministic and ensemble forecasts for over 4000 locations worldwide

Product Overview

  • Subscriptions range from individual forecasts, forecast packs or to Forecast SuperPack® providing unlimited group-wide access
  • Downscaled forecasts based on the ECMWF and GFS ensemble and deterministic models
  • Simple corporate licensing of products gives instant access across your organisation
  • Product trials available on request to assess the forecast accuracy and formats before buying
  • Speedwell Weather range of forecast products include:
    • Forecast SuperPack® & SuperPack® Light
    • FastCast®
    • Forecast Dashboard
    • US Weighted Degree Day Report

Forecast SuperPack®

Unlimited group-wide access to Speedwell’s probabilistic downscaled and raw forecast products covering daily and hourly forecasts

Dramatically simplifies the administration of your forecast needs - A single contract covers everything for unlimited numbers of users in all offices across group companies.

Forecast SuperPack® Light offers a more tailored scaled down version of the main Forecast SuperPack® product.

More information on Forecast SuperPack


FastCast® provides ultra-fast delivery of the latests output from ECMWF and GFS forecast models time slice by time slice as they are issued.

Forecast Dashboard

The Forecast Dashboard provides tabular and graphical displays of all available forecasts showing, comparison with previous difference from normal, model comparison and instant access to the forecast probability distribution. The Dashboard is user-configurable to show any desired mix of sites on multiple views.

US Weighted Degree Day Report

US Weighted Degree Day Report provides the best possible information to anticipate the EIA Natural Gas storage and withdrawal reports.

What is Available

  • Speedwell produces downscaled forecasts for over 4000 sites around the world using ECMWF and GFS ensemble and deterministic forecast models.
  • Speedwell downscaled month-ahead forecast based on the ECMWF 32-day coupled model issued twice per week for over 4000 sites
  • Over 60 population-weighted basket forecasts (“Flex”) relating to energy demand for countries and regions world-wide.
  • Over 240 regional index forecasts with underlying data covering major crop growing regions around the world. Underlying data also available.
  • Downscaled hourly ensemble temperature forecasts for sites in Europe
  • Ensemble wind and solar radiation forecasts based on the ECMWF model for sites in Europe
  • All downscaled forecasts are based on our quality-controlled observed data from Speedwell's world-wide data archives. Underlying data feeds are included with downscaled forecast

More about Forecasts

  • Forecasts are available via our website, by FTP or via the Speedwell API to integrate with your own systems.
  • Products delivered in a variety of formats and displays to meet different market requirements.
  • Speedwell Graphical Viewer available to view our forecast products on-line using a range of tools that include latest forecast displays, comparison with previous, highlight model changes, verification, difference from average, model comparison and a range of derived views.
  • Forecast verification available on-line to subscribers.
  • We make available all members of the ECMWF and GFS ensemble forecasts.
  • Tailored products and bespoke regional forecasts available on request.