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Forecast Dashboard
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The Speedwell Forecast Dashboard is a fast and convenient way to view all of your forecast products.

The Dashboard displays forecasts for temperature & precipitation from four forecast models:

  • ECMWF Ensemble
  • ECMWF Operational
  • GFS Ensemble
  • GFS Operational

Forecast products are displayed in four different formats:

  • Ensemble Average with color coded climatology comparison
  • Ensemble breakdown including 50% probability range and member extremes
  • Box & whisker plots
  • Forecast maps


We currently forecast for over 4000 worldwide locations. Forecasts can be generated on request for any location where we can obtain weather observations. Speedwell’s global weather database allows us to forecast for over 20,000 locations covering:
  • US, European, Australian and Asian energy
  • Global Ag (e.g. Brazil, US)
Locations Map

Forecast Models

Speedwell provides fully downscaled forecasts based upon global numerical weather prediction models. These are based on the ECMWF (European Centre for Medium Range Weather Forecasting) and the GFS (Global Forecast System produced by NOAA) outputs and processed with physical and statistical methods to produce a station-level forecast.
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