Speedwell is the leading provider of high quality global weather data. Products include SuperPack® and Recalibrated data. We also provide data tailored to your exact requirements.

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The Speedwell Weather System is an enterprise software system providing pricing, portfolio management and back office support for index-based weather contracts.
SWSConnect® is a web-delivered pricing tool for commonly traded contracts. More information on Software Products

Unique forecast products for any location. Our products include Forecast SuperPack® and FastCast®. User configured forecast data is also available on request.

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Speedwell Weather offers subscribers centralised access to a wide range of "native" gridded data series. We also provide proprietary gridded data sets including our Wind Benchmarks which replicate actual wind energy output at a national/regional or producer level.
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weatherXchange is the independent platform that helps companies structure index-based weather protection and easily compare prices from multiple providers free of charge.

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Speedwell Settlement Services is the leading provider of meteorological Settlement Data for index-based weather risk contracts worldwide.

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