Speedwell Weather System (SWS)

The Speedwell Weather System, SWS, is the definitive weather derivative pricing and risk management system. The product of over eight years of continuous development, SWS offers sophisticated pricing tools as well as portfolio management and full back office functionality.

SWS supports the needs of both secondary market trading and structured product trading.

SWS functions as a central warehouse for weather data and forecasts, automatically downloading such data from multiple suppliers. SWS is fully supported and is used by banking, insurance, energy and fund clients in the USA and Europe. Training is provided. Subject to licence, SWS components can be used in other applications (e.g. Microsoft Excel TM).

SWS is available as an internally installed application or can be hosted by us and delivered over the web.




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SWS Connect

SWSConnect is the web version of SWS combining pricing tools, integrated weather data, CME closing price information and, optionally integrated forecasts and Recalibrated Data.


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Recalibrated Data

Critical for pricing weather derivatives, Speedwell Recalibrated Datasets re-base historical temperature data y adjusting for known or observed discontinuities that have accumulated over the lifetime of the observations. Discontinuities may arise from instrumentation changes or changes in the location of the measuring instruments.
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Contact Us

Regarding Speedwell Weather Systems please contact:

Stephen Doherty (UK) info@speedwellweather.com UK Office +44 (0)1582 465 569
or Dr Michael Moreno (UK) info@speedwellweather.com
or David Whitehead (US) info@speedwellweather.com US Office +1 (0)843 737 4843

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