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Speedwell SuperPack®
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Sample Access
Global Data Coverage includes
world data
Albania Cyprus Israel Morocco Sri Lanka
Algeria Czech R. Italy Netherlands Syria
Antarctica Denmark Jamaica New Zeal. Sweden
Argentina Egypt Japan Niger Switz.
Australia Estonia Kazak. Nigeria Taiwan
Austria Ethiopia Kenya Norway Tajikistan
Bangladesh Finland Korea S. Oman Tanzania
Barbados France Latvia Panama Thailand
Belarus Georgia Lebanon Pakistan Togo
Belgium Germany Lithuania Paraguay Trinidad
Belize Gibraltar Lux. Philippines Turkey
Benin Greece Macedonia Poland UK
Bosnia Greenland Malaysia PuertoRico Ukraine
Botswana Guatemala Maldives Romania USA
Brazil Honduras Mali Russia Uruguay
Bulgaria HongKong Malta Saudi Ar. Uzbekistan
Canada Hungary Mauritania Senegal Vietnam
Chile India Mauritius Serbia Zambia
China Indonesia Mexico Slovakia  
Colombia Iran Mongolia Slovenia  
Croatia Ireland Montenegro Spain  
Speedwell SuperPack® makes available an unprecedented range of historical weather data and weather data feeds for a single annual fee.

Historical Data

  • Global historical data for 100+ countries for thousands of weather stations
  • Quality-controlled data for over 6,000 sites
  • Immediate access via web download or Speedwell api to circa 16,000 sites
  • On-request access to our archive of over 100,000 weather stations
  • Hourly and daily data available
  • Weather variables including temperature, precipitation, snowfall, wind speed, sunshine, cloud cover, solar radiation, etc
  • Other data sets available on request
  • Real-time, preliminary, and final settlement as released by relevant National Met Services

Data Sources

Speedwell has direct supply agreements with many National Meteorological Services worldwide allowing us to supply official climate data for countries.

Note: Due to data quality considerations, OUR DATA IS NOT DERIVED FROM THE US “GSOD” DATABASE..nor is our data simply a facsimile of the ISH archive as is the case with other providers. Click here for information about quality issues relating to GSOD

Web-based Tools

  • Inventory information shown by weather variable (start/end date, percentage complete...).
  • Search for sites by weather variable availability.
  • Access to the Speedwell suite of data analysis and visualization tools including Data Viewer, Weather Index Cone, Monthly/Weekly Statistics Extractor, Index Calculator, Actuals-Vs-Climate-Normals tracker, Analogue Years Tool...
  • Download data traight from the web site
  • Available to all corporate employees.
  • Accessible 24-hours per day.

SuperPack provides corporate-wide access to the following:

Any dataset from our extensive and growing archive of standard data sets:

  • Historical daily and hourly data and real-time feeds for thousands of locations
  • Access to over 60 Speedwell population weighted baskets used for modelling energy demand
  • Access to over 200 world wide agri-area baskets
  • Access to our extensive archive of cleaned climate data including Europe, USA, ... Australia data
  • Access to our library of ultra-long historical data sets
  • Web-based user interface providing ability to extract and analyse data
  • Access to the Speedwell suite of data analysis and visualisation tools including Actuals Vs. Climatology tracker, Data Viewer, Weather Index Cone, Monthly/Weekly value calculator, Statistics Extractor, Index Calculator, Analogue Years...
  • Available to all corporate employees
  • Accessible 24-hours per day
  • Historical data and real-time feeds delivered by FTP 
  • Historical data and real-time feeds available through ZE Group's Zema product

Viewing what weather data is available

A detailed station inventory is provided with SuperPack through a web-delivered interactive map tool seen here. This shows our core archive of 16,000+ sites. Availability of meteorological observations can be broken down by a number of criteria including temporal duration (hourly data, daily data), variable observed (temperature, precipitation,..), data quality (cleaned, raw, Recalibrated), length of history, type of observation, percentage of data available and global coordinates.

The SuperPack inventory provides:

  • Station attribute information (station name, WMO #, National ID #, Speedwell ID, latitude, longitude, elevation)
  • Data source by data type
  • Breakdown of statistics by variable
  • Begin date of raw data, begin date of cleaned data
  • Percentage raw data missing by period
  • Availability of Recalibrated data
Indication of the temporal duration of the data (hourly, daily)

SuperPack is a “living product” that is constantly growing and being updated. As additional data sets are sourced and decoded they will be added to SuperPack and updates of the stationary inventory provided.


  1. How is the data delivered?
    Data feeds and hourly data are usually made available by FTP. Data can also be downloaded directly from the web site by any individuals in the licenced corporation. We are also able to deliver data through ZE Group's Zema product. Additional delivery mechanisms and formats may be available at an additional cost.
  2. What if a weather station I need isn’t in SuperPack?
    This depends upon the nature of the data... Firstly, the SuperPack station inventory may not yet fully reflect our available archives. For example, in the case for hourly data in the USA there are many hundreds of additional sites available but not yet listed. For other data sets that are accessible to us these can be provided on a reasonable request basis free-of-charge and will then become part of the SuperPack inventory. Data sets that require substantial processing or the payment of fees or royalties to National Meteorological Services can be purchased as add-ons to the subscription.
  3. What if I need cleaned data?
    Subject to data quality and the availability of proxy stations, cleaned data will be provided on a reasonable-request basis free-of-charge and will then become part of the SuperPack inventory. Data sets that require substantial processing can be purchased as add-ons to the subscription.
  4. Who Uses SuperPack? Our clients include insurance companies, energy companies, banks, commodity traders, traders in the agriculture markets and investment funds.
  5. How is SuperPack Licenced? A single annual fee covers access to all of our archives for all offices group-wide.
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Please contact us for more information.

Clicking the button below will take you to the Speedwell Map tool. This shows our primary archive of over 16,000 sites. All of these sites are available to SuperPack subscribers who can request delivery of multiple weather elements via FTP, via API or via ZE Group's ZEMA interface. Subscribers can also download data directly from the web site and access tools.

SuperPack subscribers also have access on a reasonable request basis to our secondary archive of over 100,000 weather stations world wide

Please note if you are not a subscriber, these functions will not be available. However, it is possible to see our primary archive as a non-subscriber. Data sets can be selected by choosing the groups on the left of the grid

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