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USA Gas and Power Weighted Degree Days
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The Purpose...

Speedwell Cleaned Data for 198 U.S locations

15-day Max/Min Forecasts for 198 US locations

  • Use the data to estimate the EIA natural gas storage and withdrawal forecasts (high weather correlation)
  • Use the data to examine historical events in the context of recent, current, or upcoming extreme weather events
  • Correlate with energy usage

The Product...

  • Historical Data
    • Max / Min station data, HDD / CDD totals on a state, regional, production / consumption, and national levels
    • Data available from Jan 1st 1975 to present
  • Climatological Data
    • Continuously updated 10 yr and 30 yr smoothed normals
  • Operational Data (delivered daily)
    • Summary maps / tables
    • E-mail summary of the national numbers
    • Numerical product: previous 7 days of cleaned actuals & 15-day forecast (presented as daily values on state, regional, production / consumption, and national level)
    • Underlying daily data delivered daily via FTP

The Inputs...

  • Speedwell: industry leader for cleaned weather observations, data quality controlled, missing values filled
Documents and Brochures
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